The Resveratrol compound is a substance found naturally in nature, & has been found to have some VERY impressive traits. This supplement has been proven to assist in the following areas of health;

 Trans Resveratrol 420mg per serving - Extracted from the Polygonum Cuspidatum Plant...

    A powerful Trans Resveratrol Formulation

    A potent 420 mg per serving of T Resveratrol  

    ARTG Listing No.

    No unnecessary binders & fillers

 Resveratrol - Nature's Little Secret...

Resveratrol is a natural compound that is poly - phenolic in nature & is found in foods such as peanuts, berries, purple grape juice, & also red wine. Scientists & the medical community alike initially become interested in the health giving virtues of this potent natural compound upon studying the French Paradox in greater detail.

In this part of the world red wine is a common adjunct to their diet, & guess what - it was found that this active compound is the secret to the French Paradox & resultant long life experienced by these people. Trans - Resveratrol: A Magical Elixir of Eternal Youth?

This hypothesis was first tested on the yeast spore, & what was found is that the yeast organism lived on average 70% longer than the control. Though encouraging, there is a BIG difference between the physiology of a yeast spore & that of a mammal - so the scientific community were forced to wait for the results of a Harvard Medical study finalized in 2006 to be released. Again, the findings were even more compelling, as the study found that the average life expectancy of small mammals was increased by roughly 30% - & this was with animals that were considered to be middle aged to begin with! Resveratrol improves health and survival of mice on a high-calorie diet

Another thing to realize is that the animals in the study were intentionally overfed so as to promote as many of the modern day pathologies humankind now suffer from. But guess what, virtually all of the pathologies that the control group suffered from were absent within the control group! 


One Capsule is the Equivelent to MANY glasses of Red Wine...

Why is our Formulation of Resveratrol Better Than Most?

  • Our Trans Resveratrol formulation only uses the potent Trans Resveratrol, which has been found to be more bio active within the body than other forms of the resveratrol compound - Be sure to ALWAYS request a copy of an up to date independant lab analysis report to ensure you receive what you pay for! 
  • One serving of our product contains 420mg of Polygonum Cuspidatum sourced Trans Resveratrol. Few formulations out there can claim such potency!
  • Our Trans Resveratrol formulation is manufactured via a HACCP certified & GMP approved company. Quality is gauranteed, as well as peace of mind!

  • Our product DOES NOT contain fillers or binding agents - so no quercetin, glidants, silica, oatbran & other such additives. Even though this makes for a more difficult product to manufacture - the quality & potency are maintained.

Within our formulation we use resveratrol particles sized for optimum gastro intestinal absorption.

One of the MOST potent & bio available Resveratrol formulations currently available

"Is it possible to live a healthy & happy life without the complications of chronic health issues & the degenerative breakdown of one's body?"

The Longevity Factor clearly outlines the importance of ingesting optimum levels of antioxidants for the highest levels of health...

  Robert M. Goldman., Ph.D., D.O., FAASP: chairman, World Academy of Anti - Aging Medicine.


      Why Trans Resveratrol is a "Must Have" Supplement

Aging Occurs on a Molecular Level...As the body ages we become less & less effective at maintaining true copies of our cells - hence forth the visable signs of aging begin to appear (unfortunately as we age the cellular breakdown becomes more & more rapid), thus requiring a greater nutritional intervention to support basic bodily functions. It has been shown that appropriate nutritional support & intelligent lifestyle decisions can help assist to slow this process down...  


The Trans resveratrol supplement has become one of the MOST studied longevity compounds in existance - thus far even exceeding ALL expectations!




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